Witch hunt in Zamfara: APC Accuses PDP of silencing dissent

Zamfara state chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has accused the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) led administration of engaging in a witch hunt against dissenting voices and failing to address critical issues plaguing the state.

The controversy stems from the recent sacking of the State Commandant of the State Community Protection Guards (CPG ) Col. Rabiu Garba Yandoto, who spoke out about the dire situation facing the guards during a radio phone-in program. 

According to the press statement issued by the publicity secretary of the APC Yusuf Idris, Yandoto’s dismissal is emblematic of the PDP government’s refusal to heed constructive criticism and its penchant for silencing dissenting voices. 

“Yandoto’s revelations shed light on the neglect and incompetence within the government, including the recruitment of ill-equipped personnel with questionable backgrounds.” Yusuf said

The party further alleges that similar punitive actions have been taken against state lawmakers and even a prominent Islamic scholar, Sheikh Tukur Sani Jangebe, for expressing support for opposition figures.

The APC accuses the PDP government of failing to deliver on its promises to address security challenges, improve education and healthcare, and provide essential services to citizens. Instead, it alleges that the government has resorted to diverting attention from its shortcomings by initiating a judicial commission of inquiry aimed at persecuting political opponents.

In response to these developments, the APC calls on the government to focus on fulfilling its campaign promises and addressing the pressing security issues facing the state. The party reaffirms its commitment to supporting initiatives that promote peace and development in Zamfara state and across the nation.

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