May Day: Gov Dauda announces civil service reform, assured improved workers welfare

Amidst the subdued May Day celebrations in Zamfara State, Governor Dauda Lawal reiterated his commitment to addressing the welfare concerns of workers, acknowledging their resilience and support despite challenges. 

Gov Dauda Lawal of Zamfara State

The low-key Workers’ Day event, held at the JB Yakubu Secretariat auditorium Hall in Gusau, emphasized the theme “Ensuring safety and health at work in a changing climate,” shedding light on the imperative of tackling climate change’s impact on workplace safety and health.

Governor Lawal, in his address, expressed deep concern over the low salaries of Zamfara workers amidst recent government policies such as the fuel subsidy removal. He pledged his administration’s dedication to civil service reform to enhance workers’ welfare, citing measures like compulsory retirements to accommodate new hires. Furthermore, he highlighted ongoing efforts to clear pension and gratuity backlogs, with significant sums disbursed monthly to retired civil servants.

The governor underscored his administration’s transparency and commitment to fulfilling promises, citing recent disbursements totaling hundreds of millions towards pension and gratuity. Despite financial constraints, he assured continued support for workers and urged them to uphold integrity, shun corruption, and contribute to the state’s development.

Governor Lawal also addressed the persistent insecurity plaguing Zamfara, calling for collective action to restore peace and spur development. His sentiments were echoed by representatives of the Trade Union association and Nigeria Labour Congress, who commended the governor’s efforts while highlighting ongoing challenges faced by workers in the state.

As Zamfara grapples with multifaceted challenges, Governor Lawal’s assurances signal a resolve to prioritize workers’ welfare and address broader societal issues, underscoring the imperative of collaborative efforts towards progress and prosperity.

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