NUJ hosts NGO ‘education for all’ Cluster, Commits to enhance Societal Living

Abdulfatai Abdulsalami, Sokoto

The Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Sokoto State Council had hosted the Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) Education For All (EFA) and committed to supporting any initiatives that will enhance societal living conditions.

Dalhatu Abdullahi Safiyal Magori, the State Council Chairman, made this assertion during the courtesy visit at the NUJ Secretariat in Sokoto.

He stated that the NUJ is always available to support anyone willing to enhance societal well-being and who proposes initiatives aimed at improving living standards.

“The mandate of journalists is to ensure government policies and procedures are communicated in a way that is understandable to the public and to inform the government about the needs of the people.

“As journalists, we will continue to remain partners in progress and support all initiatives that promote development, especially in the area of education,” he said.

The Chairman emphasized the need for greater engagement by the government and NGOs to support children with special needs.

He expressed appreciation for EFA’s visit and commended them for their dedication and commitment to enhancing the standard of education in Sokoto State.

Earlier, the EFA Cluster Team Leader in the state, Mr. Farouk Katune, emphasized the crucial role the media plays in information dissemination, shaping public opinion, and framing issues.

Katune highlighted that the media is key to raising public awareness on budgeting processes, decision-making processes, and policy issues for inclusive education, as well as ensuring the adoption and implementation of inclusive education policies in Sokoto State.

He explained that the EFA cluster is collaborating with Palladium to implement the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded Strengthening Civil Advocacy and Local Engagement (SCALE) project in Sokoto State.

“The goal of the SCALE project is to improve public accountability, transparency, and sustainable service delivery in Nigeria,” he said.

The Coordinator further explained that EFA aims to advocate for a 60% utilization rate of allocated funds for primary and secondary school inclusive education budgets by December 2024. 

Additionally, they seek to advocate for the adoption of inclusive education policies in primary and secondary schools in Sokoto State by December 2024.

He therefore solicited the active involvement of the media to achieve the cluster project objectives in the state.

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