NASS: Imposition of leaders contravenes Constitution, Lawyer reminds Tinubu

By: Umar Maradun

A Lawyer and former member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Sani Muhammad Takori has urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to rescind his imposition of National Assembly, NASS, leadership and respect the independence of the Parliament.

In a statement issued, Hon. Takori said any attempt to anoint or impose leadership in the Parliament was clearly a contravention of the Constitution.

‘Imposition of NASS leadership by Mr. President was a coupe de ter against Nigerian people, and

contravene the provision of section 50 (1) of the Constitution”, The  statement added.

The Lawyer stressed that any attempt by the President has violated his oath of office and against the constitution and democracy.

He stressed that the government from all indications was trying to use all instrument.of its power to suppress some contending forces in the National Assembly.

Takori expressed concern over a series of intimidations and being hunted by all anti corruption agencies to get him arrested and possible detention.

“There were perfected plans by the government to arrest Abdul’Aziz Yari by anti corruption agencies to detain him until and after the inauguration so that he may not be in the chambers to be possibly nominated”, he added.

He called for the intervention of the democratic forces, especially, USA and members of the United Nations to raise against the imposition of the National Assembly leadership.

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