Unpaid salary: Protests at Gusau Specialist Hospital, Halt Operations

Security guards from Taula Security Guards and laborers employed by AIB Cleaners have staged a protest at the entrance of Yariman Bakura Specialist Hospital, Gusau, Zamfara State. The demonstrators, facing 8 and 11 months of unpaid salaries, have left emergency patients, medical staff, and the hospital’s director stranded at the gates.

Assistant Supervisor of the Guards, Mr. Abubakar Abubakar, expressed his distress, stating that the denial of meager N15,000 monthly salaries for over 10 months has left him, a father of six, struggling to survive.

Entrance of the Yariman Bakura specialist Hospital Gusau today (4/3/2024)

Another protester highlighted the hospital’s revenue generation, accusing authorities of callously withholding their earnings.

Babangida Mainasara, representing AIB Cleaning Services, revealed persistent complaints to both hospital management and the government, with promises unfulfilled.

The Commissioner of Police, CP Muhammad Shehu Dalijan, intervened, urging the protesters to open the gates for normal operations, assuring them that he would summon the companies involved to address the issue.

CP Muhammad Shehu Dalijan at the scene of the protest

Following negotiations, representatives of the protesting workers agreed to open the gates, hoping for a resolution through dialogue between the companies and the workers. The protest sheds light on the plight of essential workers facing prolonged salary delays amid revenue-generating institutions.

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