“IQRAA, LEAP Africa, NYFF Launch ‘Path to Peace’ Initiative in Zamfara

The “Path to Peace” project, led by the IQRAA Foundation and supported by LEAP Africa and the Nigerian Youth Future Fund, was unveiled in a ceremony attended by community leaders, stakeholders, and peace advocates in Gusau.

The groundbreaking initiative aimed at fostering sustainable peace and conflict resolution in Zamfara State was officially launched by IQRAA Foundation and funded by LEAP Africa with support from Nigerian Youth Futures fund.

In a keynote address, Mr Umar Mahmud Umar (Mainan Damba), the CEO of IQRAA Foundation, articulated the vision and objectives of the project. “At IQRAA Foundation, we believe that peace is not just the absence of conflict but the presence of justice, equality, and opportunity for all,” Umar stated.

He emphasized the importance of understanding, empathy, and dialogue in resolving conflicts and building lasting peace.

He said, the “Path to Peace” project aims to: Empower Communities through Capacity-building workshops to equip community leaders, youth organizations, women’s groups, elders’ forums, and farmers’ associations with the necessary skills to resolve conflicts peacefully; Promote Dialogue and Reintegration through facilitateling forums that bring together host communities, internally displaced persons (IDPs), and returnees, promoting mutual understanding and collaboration and Support Local Initiatives via Local peacebuilding initiatives will be encouraged and supported to ensure community-driven and sustainable efforts.

Umar Mahmud Umar (Mainan Damba) Chief Executive Officer

Umar highlighted the significance of the project in addressing the challenges faced by Zamfara State, which has seen its share of conflicts. “By engaging directly with those most affected by conflict, we aim to create an environment where every individual feels heard, valued, and empowered to contribute to the peace process,” he said.

The initiative is supported by LEAP Africa and the Nigerian Youth Future Fund, organizations committed to fostering a peaceful Nigeria. Umar expressed his gratitude for their belief in the project’s vision and their dedication to promoting peace.

The launch event concluded with a call to action from Umar, urging all stakeholders and community members to join in the mission. “Together, we can create a ripple effect that will transform not just our communities, but the entire nation. Let us commit to being ambassadors of peace, advocates of dialogue, and champions of a brighter, more harmonious future,” he implored.

The IQRAA Foundation, known for its dedication to promoting peace, education, and community development, continues to strive towards creating opportunities and empowering individuals to build a better future for themselves and their communities. The “Path to Peace” project stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to these goals.

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