“Don’t GoTo War With Niger Republic” –  Arewa broadcasters tell Tinubu 

The Arewa Broadcast Media Practitioners Forum, ABMPF,   has noticed, with great concern, the echoes of the drumbeats  of war being sounded by the West African Regional bloc,  ECOWAS,  spearheaded by the Nigerian President, Bola Ahmad Tinubu, to meddle into the internal affairs of the Republic of Niger. 

This was contained in a press release signed and made available to SMARTS NEWS by the chairman of the ABMPF, Alhaji Abdullahi Yelwa Ajiyan Yauri, saying dialogue is the best solution.

This, according to ECOWAS, is to oust the military junta that had staged a  coup d’etat, which ousted the civilian administration of President Mohamed Bazoum. 

The move by Nigeria and other ECOWAS nations for Military intervention in Niger Republic, is hasty, ill-conceived and a miscalculated adventure that will eventually plunge the region and indeed the entire Northern Nigeria, already bedeviled with terrorist activities,  into turmoil and anarchy. 

“It is our conviction that the task of defending and sustaining democracy in Niger is the solemn duty of the people of Niger. The responsibility of it’s neighbours and friends like Nigeria, is not to exacerbate an already bad situation, but to support the Democratic institutions of the country and pray for her in it’s time of need.  

“Again, it is worth emphasising  that  any military action in Niger will not only begin and end in Niamey, the Nigerean capital, but will spill over and snowball into Northern Nigerian communities in Kebbi, Sokoto, Zamfara, Katsina, Jigawa, Yobe, and Borno states. the Press Briefing release read in part 

The statement further said, Its humanitarian consequences, however, would be felt across the nation and the West African subregion. 

The coup in Niger which began as a palace coup, has now become a national rallying point for anti colonial struggle, not only in Niger but in the rest of Francophone West Africa. 

Even the nations of ECOWAS have come to terms with the reality of the coup as a fait-accompli that can’t be easily reversed. President Tinubu, as Ecowas leader,  is also increasingly being seen as a Western stooge, doing the bidding of France and America. 

“Anyone conversant with the historic role of Nigeria in ending colonialism in Africa, knows that Nigeria doesn’t deserve the accolade of a Western stooge. We applaud the courage and steadfastness  of the Nigerian Senate and other well-meaning Nigerians who have preached caution and restraint.

“Alhaji Abdullahi Yelwa- Chairman     |    Dr Ladan Salihu    |   Zubair Abdurra’uf Idris Shuaibu Mungadi    |   Prof. Ladi Sandra Adamu    |   Aliyu Adamu Tsafe-Trustee/Secretary Trustees

We urge other Nigerians to therefore rise with one voice to dissuade ECOWAS from this fatal misadventure. they appealed 

The broadcasters recalled that, Before the Berlin Conference of 1884, where Europe partitioned Africa into spheres of influence, what is today called Republic of Niger and Northern Nigeria, were part of the Hausaland and Kanem Borno Empire. They share common cultural, historical, economic and religious affinities, which the Western-imposed artificial boundaries couldn’t severe. 

“Since independence, the two nations have maintained  mutually beneficial diplomatic, socioeconomic, security and cultural relationships. Through informal trade, marriages and other forms of people-to-people engagements, our two countries have welded into one, despite official impediments. 

“In view therefore of the irreparable damage  ECOWAS’ hasty resort to war would do to the Nigerian Niger relations, we call on the Tinubu Administration to immediately take the following measures to return our relationship to the status quo ante: Suspend all entreaties towards war and seek a diplomatic solution to the crisis; Take immediate measures to restore diplomatic ties with the Niger Republic; Immediately open all our borders and allow the free flow of economic activities and movement of people; Restore power supply to the Niger Republic; Seek a resolution of the crisis in Niger through time-tested give-and-take strategy of mediation, negotiation and compromise. 

“Others are The overall interest of the people of Niger, not the statutes  of the ECOWAS Protocols, should be the overriding consideration; Call on all well-meaning Nigerians, the Civil Society, religious an traditional leaders and the press to rise with one voice to support the full restoration of diplomatic and other ties with the brotherly nation of Niger.” it concluded 

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