Senator Lamido’s Giant Strides in One Year

Democracy thrives on the fulfillment of the people’s yearnings and aspirations. For the people of Sokoto Eastern Senatorial Zone, these aspirations were centered on finding a representative who could positively impact their lives, improve their social and economic status, and lift them from the valley of relegation, frustration, deprivation, and marginalization. 

On June 13, 2024, Senator Ibrahim Lamido was inaugurated as a member of the 10th Senate, and his one-year tenure has already been marked by significant achievements.

Senator Lamido’s vision and dedication have been evident in his initiatives across various crucial sectors. These sectors include education, security, healthcare, infrastructure, social welfare, politics, employment generation, rural development, and humanitarian aid. His efforts have made a tangible difference in the lives of many individuals, showcasing his strong leadership and genuine concern for his community’s well-being.


Senator Lamido’s commitment to education is demonstrated through the establishment of an Education Trust Fund aimed at making education accessible and affordable for everyone, despite regional challenges. He allocated ₦88 million for student registration fees, granted ₦50,000 scholarships to 5,000 students, and provided JAMB forms and motorcycles for transportation. Numerous secondary and primary schools were furnished with educational materials and solar-powered boreholes were installed to ensure access to clean drinking water.

Rural Development:

In the field of rural development, Senator Lamido implemented impactful projects that greatly benefited rural communities. These projects included establishing ICT centers in several local governments, drilling 5,000-liter boreholes, implementing rural electrification projects, and installing security lighting in local government headquarters.


Addressing the longstanding issue of banditry in Sokoto East, Senator Lamido recruited 500 members of the Civilian Joint Task Force from Borno State, procured vehicles and motorcycles for security forces, and enlisted 1,000 local informants to provide intelligence on bandits. He also donated ₦100 million to support victims injured by bandits and presented several security-related motions in the Senate.

Humanitarian Aid:

Senator Lamido has shown unwavering commitment to aiding Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and promoting sustainable recovery. He distributed food and relief supplies to various IDP camps, provided medical aid, and allocated financial assistance to widows and injured victims. Additionally, he sponsored weddings to facilitate community reintegration for displaced individuals.


As the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Primary Healthcare and Infectious Diseases, Senator Lamido has increased access to healthcare services in his constituency. He responded promptly to disease outbreaks, paid hospital bills for orthopaedic surgeries, and facilitated Sokoto State’s inclusion in a national emergency medical services program.

Job Creation:

Understanding the importance of employment in stimulating economic development, Senator Lamido secured positions for many youths in various government agencies and appointed numerous legislative aides. His efforts have significantly contributed to the overall growth and prosperity of the community.

Political Support:

Senator Lamido has also demonstrated his appreciation for local politicians who supported his electoral victory. He gifted luxury vehicles to senior party officials, distributed rice and financial aid to party loyalists, and sponsored Tafsir programs during Ramadan.

Senator Ibrahim Lamido’s first year in office has been marked by remarkable achievements that have positively impacted many lives. His dedication to improving education, security, healthcare, rural development, humanitarian aid, job creation, and political support showcases his exceptional leadership and commitment to his constituents. As we look forward to the future, we can only anticipate more positive changes and continued progress under his leadership.

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