TCN Restores Collapsed National Grid 

The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has confirmed the restoration of the National power grid after several hours of darkness occasioned by sudden collapse.

Besides, TCN attributed the cause of the grid collapse to gas supply constraints at Ibom power plant, feeding Eket, Ekim, Itu & Uyo transmission substations.

In a statement by Ndidi Mbah, General Manager, Public Affairs, TCN, Sunday evening, said a total generation on the grid was 3,901.25 Megawatt (MW) at 08:00Hours, a little over three hours before the time of partial collapse.

While confirming the successful restoration of the affected part of the grid, Mbah said the low power generation persisted in the country since January 2024, to date, exacerbating daily generation due to the lingering gas constraint.

“According to the National Control Center (NCC), the Internet of Things (IoT) revealed that just before the partial disturbance, which occurred at 11:21Hrs today, Sapele Steam & Egbin Substations lost a total of 29.32MW & 343.84MW at 11:20:14Hrs and 11:20:17Hrs respectively, totaling 373.16MW.”

She said this, combined with the current low power generation caused the imbalance leading to the partial system disturbance.

“Gas constraints continue to impact grid flexibility and stability. Ensuring sufficient gas supply to power generating stations is crucial for grid stability as sufficient generation allows for better grid management in the event of sudden generation losses like this.

“TCN will investigate the cause of tripping of Sapele Steam & Egbin power generating units,” Mbah noted.


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